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Why You Should Sanitize Your Tools and Equipment

Why You Should Sanitize Your Tools and Equipment


Food poisoning is probably the most common result of unclean and unsanitized tools and kitchen equipment. It is a result of shortcuts being done when the tools used to make the food are being clean. Being thorough enough to kill off the bacteria and other organisms on equipment is always imperative to avoid such situations.


This is especially true for all restaurant equipment. It would be a fiasco if news got out that a restaurant had someone experience any sort of issue with the food and how it was prepared. This goes the same for both small and big businesses.


Sanitizing means going beyond what is clean to the naked eye - killing any bacteria and parasites that make come in contact with your food. Though you may argue that cooking might kill them off because of the heat but you also need to consider organisms that are able to survive that, even if you use commercial kitchen equipment.


You may use a good mix of food-safe bleach and water to sanitize your utensils, plates, glassware, cookware, and other tools and kitchen equipment like ovens and stove tops, too. Some restaurants use a dishwasher that blasts hot water unto the items to rinse and sanitize them. Some use strong antibacterial  liquid soap when washing the dishes which is also a good way to sanitize anything.


Storage also comes into the picture when keeping things sanitized. For silverware and plates, make sure they are kept in a dry and clean place. Any presence of moisture can become home to bacteria. Regularly cleaning cooking and storage areas are also the best practices a lot of establishments follow.


When you’re handling food, safety is always a must. There is no room for shortcuts when it comes down to it most especially when it comes to sanitizing your tools and kitchen equipment. Failure to do so would lead to dire results. 

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