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2019 units of commercial kitchen design common devices have?

by:Grace     2020-11-18
Now, most countries require industry it is necessary to have a commercial catering kitchen efficiency and equipment, has passed the certification of the NSF world and underwriters laboratories. NSF certification of equipment arrived at the world food equipment specification; NSF certification of UL supply health classification equipment, side by side the product can meet the specification of the environment and public health. Household level not advocating for industrial kitchen things and things; They can't bear heavy use, will not comment on the NSF or UL. And temporary in industrial kitchen equipment, we often use the kitchen with: cooker cooker including the stove top and mee POTS and pans and generally choose their size, shape and evenly heat is adjustable. The value of the copper heat loose, uniform, it only is, but it is rare and lining copper can response and some food. Stainless steel poor behavior and hold heat and generally used to keep food warm or cold to cook. Aluminum is a lightweight heat and copper and no response, making it one of the most popular commercial appliances metal. Hand tools, hand tools shear, shape, and the combination of food. They rarely have moving parts. A knife is considered polite, but further classification. The hand of the other common things including whisks, mixing spoon, tub, the chef's fork, tongs, and graters and zesters. Most of the dishes and hand selects the stainless steel, rubber or plastic. Things and utensils clean and pure commercial dishwasher; Water is necessary to at least 171 degrees Fahrenheit and leaching equipment at least 30 seconds. Most chefs say knife to industry the most important things in the kitchen. Dao should be a single piece of metal, easy to clean and balanced. High carbon stainless steel metal alloy combination of carbon steel, stainless steel kitchen knives, is the most commonly used metal industry. Alloy is simple sharpening, such as durability of carbon steel, stainless steel, like and don't rust or corrosion. Most industrial including roots or chef's knife in their kitchen, 8 - general knife 14 inches long; Rigid, 6 - 8 'utility knife to cut the fruit and vegetables; Bo ning thin blade knife; And short, 2 to 4 inches of paring knife. Generally found in industrial kitchen cleavers, meat knife, serrated knife and sliced bread. Most of the knife three carriages receiver washed by hand. Three carriages receiver to allow of three wash, wash, sterilize the receiver alone. These knives, cookers, hand things, and so on kitchen utensils is only suitable for use in industrial kitchen equipment. Part of the graphic source network, if there is any infringement please contact deleted!
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