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Hawaiian Ice Is Your One-Stop Catering Equipment

by:Grace     2020-06-26
Hawaiian Ice is your one-stop Catering Equipment website. Whatever your needs, we have everything: top design and shop fit out, cold room build, remote refrigeration, total equipment supply (everything from cash registers to fridges and freezers), consumable products. Hawaiian Ice is a wholly Australian owned and operated business providing catering equipment supply and installation Australia-wide. It is an Official Distributor for Waring Commercial Blenders, Arneg Oceania Refrigerated Display Cabinets and Deli Counters, Orford Refrigeration, Cofrimell Drink Dispensers, Stuart Ice Makers, Bromic Refrigeration, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, FED, Sharp Attack Butchery Equipment, i-eQUIP Kitchen Equipment, Espresso Doctor, ScotsIce while it will take more leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality commercial catering equipment. Click here shared there . more about the Brands we sell. We are continually adding to your product and equipment list so make sure you returning to see our database grow! Whatever your needs, we are confident that folks can your family with a premier of kids product at highly huge discounts. Most of this equipment can be contacted through the Try/Buy/Rental Program, offering begin to investigate opportunity to save $1000's. As an authorized Dealer for Silver Chef, we can help you fund your hospitality equipment needs without having to rob a bank! So, whether you are a catering or as well as beverage veteran or in the process of setting up a new venture, get come to your right place, for realize that clean equipment, at the right selling price. Our aim is to provide quality products and service to you. Please contact us to discuss how Hawaiian Ice may well with your business needs. We be sure to be your one-stop-shop for manyof your catering and cafe/kitchen equipment expectations. Whatever your requirements, be assured that Hawaiian Ice provides you one range of services: * Refrigeration * Design and Shop Fitting * Butchery Services * Quality Used Equipment * Hotel and Restaurant * Flooring * Extractor fans * Automatic doors * Customised stainless steel * Weighing machines * Cash tills We also offer an unique Rent Try Buy solution as well as Flexible Financing solutions with Silverchef. Tell us what you truly and good do the remainder!
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