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How do commercial kitchen equipment companies face the era of consumption 'fragmentation'

by:Grace     2021-03-25
Restaurant kitchen equipment companies have three major benefits in establishing and controlling channels: sales channel control ability, effective contact with final consumers, and brand signature. For companies, obtaining and mastering channel resources means mastering the channels of product sales. It means that companies have certain pricing power and a relatively stable consumer group. Now that the marketing model has begun to diversify, commercial kitchen equipment companies need to grasp the construction channels in order to pave the way for future development and achieve sustainable development. Domestic kitchenware industry leaders are often not only masters of brand operation, but also masters of channel operation. Every successful brand tells us that each company adopts a targeted channel model based on its own product characteristics and operational characteristics In specific operations, excellent companies will adopt flexible channel models for specific markets according to specific regions, specific distributors, and different stages of company development. With the increasingly fierce competition in the kitchenware market, the rapid development of e-commerce allows Kitchenware companies have to carry out channel innovation. Mastering channel construction is an indispensable part of future marketing strategies, which can pave the way for future development. Only when kitchenware companies continue to innovate marketing models and methods can companies continue to inject new vitality into their marketing teams. In order to be invincible in market competition. With the advent of the era of customer fragmentation, consumers of hotel kitchen equipment have entered the era of personalization, which has brought a fragmented market-the mass market is broken and the market needs Re-differentiation and combination. The emergence of this phenomenon indicates that kitchenware distributors need to re-examine the market environment, re-insight into consumers, and define consumers, only to switch to sitting, take the initiative to go out, take the initiative to explore new business opportunities, and take the initiative to be effective The marketing of the kitchenware can make the kitchenware distributor Liu Yinhuaming. Guangdong kitchenware company must actively take advantage of the large number of contact with kitchenware customers in the store, and make the store a main position for market understanding and customer information collection. It is necessary to focus on strengthening the collection of specific groups of people and customer groups , To provide a basis for marketing, collect customer reviews, and promote work improvement. Kitchenware companies should give full play to their service functions, use a variety of methods to deepen customers’ good impressions of kitchenware brands, and provide good reputation and service support for merchant marketing, including building direct sales Boutique service points such as stores and distribution stores.
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