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How should the kitchen range hood be installed to achieve the best effect?

by:Grace     2021-03-22
How should the kitchen range hood be installed to achieve the best effect? u200bu200bFirst of all, the range hood power socket must use a special socket with a reliable bottom line. Secondly, the installation height of the range hood must be appropriate. Install the range hood according to the instructions. Generally, the installation height ranges from 650mm to 750mm. At the same time, it is installed directly above the stove, so that it can not only avoid encounters, but also ensure the smoke extraction. effect.   However, to get a better effect of absorbing oil fume, the hood should be turned on for 1-2 minutes before cooking, and after cooking, continue to turn it on for 1-2 minutes in order to completely eliminate residual oil fume.   In addition, in order to avoid the occurrence of range hood noise or excessive vibration, oil dripping, oil leakage, etc., the range hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive oil sticking on the inner surface of the motor, turbine, and range hood.   When using the range hood, maintain air circulation in the kitchen, which can prevent the air in the kitchen from forming negative pressure and ensure the smoke exhaust ability of the range hood.   In addition to the use of range hoods, other parts can not be ignored. For example, when replacing the bulb, the power cannot exceed the maximum value indicated in the vicinity of the lamp holder and the instruction manual. Otherwise, the temperature of the wire connecting the lamp holder and the lamp holder will be too high, accelerating the aging of the wire insulation layer, causing potential danger of electric shock, or even causing Fire.   In addition, when the dirty oil in the oil cup is 8 minutes full, it should be poured out as soon as possible to avoid overflow.  Of course, the cleaning of the filter screen is also very important to the effect of the range hood:   1. Unscrew the screws that fix the screen cover.  2, soak the removed filter and cover in warm water with neutral detergent for 5-10 minutes.  3. Clean the dirt in the pores of the filter with a soft plastic brush, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.  4. Install the filter cover as before removing it.   5. After installation, check whether the oil circuit of the appliance is smooth and whether the sealing ring on the volute can be sealed.  6. u200bu200bPlease clean the filter screen and cover according to the cycle specified in the manual. Kitchen doors and windows have an impact on the range hood's ability to exhaust oil. When using the range hood, the user should keep the kitchen well ventilated. This will not only improve the exhaust ability of the range hood, but also provide sufficient oxygen when gas or other fuels are burned. It can prevent the human body from being injured due to insufficient combustion of gas or other fuels. Therefore, not only must maintain ventilation when using, but also avoid convection wind in the kitchen, so as not to reduce the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood.
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