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How to choose hotel kitchen and kitchen equipment?

by:Grace     2021-03-22
Multi-catering kitchen equipment engineering business process: project understanding-site investigation-project analysis-reasonable design-preliminary design-construction and installation-civil engineering guidance, equipment production deepening design-contract signing-graphic design-product commissioning-use training-after-sales service. Combine dining theme. Jinwang Kitchenware is designed with hot pot, buffet, Japanese and Korean cuisine. In response to the development trend of the catering industry and the positioning of the restaurants, we mainly designed and built three types of kitchens. One type is an ordinary airtight kitchen, which is suitable for traditional catering kitchens, and can reduce the cooking process caused by frying and cooking. Noise and smell. The second is a semi-open kitchen. That is, the dining room and the kitchen are connected together. The semi-open style combines the advantages of open and closed kitchens and is suitable for small fast food restaurants. The third is the open kitchen, that is, the dining table and the kitchen are closely connected. He is a model derived from Western kitchens. Western food is mainly served cold and cooked, and mainly fried, with less fire and smoke. In this way, customers can enjoy the chef's cooking work while tasting the food.   said summer is here. In fact, according to climatological standards. The average daily temperature in summer is higher than 22°C. Before and after 'LixiaBu   Speaking of Lixia, our folklore can be: tasting 'three freshIt is said that since Zhuge Liang was captured by Meng Qi, Meng Jun believed in Zhuge Liang's wisdom and personality, so he returned to China and listened to Zhuge Liang's words. The last time Zhuge Liang asked Meng to visit once a year was at the beginning of this summer. After the return of the Kingdom of Shu to the Jin Dynasty, the Meng clan won no less than Zhuge Liang. Every year, Li Xia led an army to visit A u200bu200bDou in Luoyang. Every time he went, he weighed A Dou's weight to verify whether A Dou was treated by Jin Wudi, and even threatened that if he wronged A Dou, he would fight Jin. In order to adapt to Mengmeng, Jinwudi cooked Adou lunch with glutinous rice and peas on the first day of summer. Doudou see Doudou glutinous rice is waxy and fragrant, eat and eat. Montessori was included in the scale of the city, each time a few pounds heavier than the previous year. Although Adu doesn't have any skills, he has Menghuoli's actions. Emperor Wu of Jin did not dare to bully him. His days are also peaceful and happy. Although this legend is different from historical facts, what the people hope for is 'quietness, happiness and prosperity.' The custom of 'Lixia Liren' comes from this. Previous: Points for Attention in the Installation of Hotel Refrigeration Equipment Next: Several Issues That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Design of Chain Catering Kitchens
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