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How to clean cooking equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-18
When cooking food with hotel kitchen equipment, the hotel kitchen equipment company tells you the hygiene and cleanliness requirements of cooking equipment, mainly to control the generation of odor, which plays a certain role in improving the efficiency of the equipment. The hotel kitchen equipment company tells you that if the cooking equipment is not clean, it is easy to produce a lot of smoke and odor when cooking food, which affects the taste and taste of the food. Especially for equipment such as oil pans and ovens, if you do not pay attention to cleaning the oil and residue, the kitchen will often become soot filled.     The stove needs to be completely cooled before cleaning, and the blinds should be cleaned with a damp hot cloth. Use a hot machine to wash water, rinse and dry, and remove grease. The surface charring can be scraped off with a brush made of metal velvet. Wipe the heat source with a damp cloth, not immersed in water. When the flame length is not uniform, the nozzle of the furnace tube can be removed, rust can be wiped off with iron, or a thin nail can be passed through the flame hole. Use metal balls or scrapers to clean the inside of the oven, not water.     hotel kitchen equipment company price, open the oven door, soak a cotton cloth or rag with kitchen cleaner to remove stains, wipe with a damp cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth. If there is burning material at the bottom of the furnace, the furnace can be heated and cooled to carbonize the hard material, and then scraped with a long-handled metal scraper. The hotel kitchen equipment tells you to wipe the oven with a dry cloth for 2 to 3 minutes, and wipe the water thoroughly to avoid rust. The outside of the oven is washed with a clean wet water solution, then rinsed and dried. Stainless steel should be polished. Previous: Method of removing oil stains in stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment Next: Classification of kitchen equipment according to different functions
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