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How to clean the kitchen range hood, correct it?

by:Grace     2021-03-20
Every family has a kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of family life, and some kitchen utensils are essential. Now let’s talk about the range hood in the kitchen. If you cook every day at home, you must install a range hood, because when cooking, there is usually a lot of oil fume, and these oil fume not only chokes people, it is not good for our health in the long run, and after installing the range hood, It will reduce the generation of oily smoke, but often when the range hood is used, a layer of oil stains will appear on the surface, and it is difficult to clean, but our author's hood gives you some simple cleaning methods. Next, we will introduce Let's take a look at our author 1. First open the exhaust hood and spray it on the fan blades and the wall. When the machine rotates, use centrifugal force to soften the oil first, and then clean the wall.   2. Pressure cooker steam flushing method. The cold water in the pressure cooker is boiled. When the steam is continuously discharged, the lower pressure limiting valve is used to open the range hood. The steam water column is aligned with the rotating fan blades. Due to the high temperature water vapor, it can flow into the waste oil cup along the path until there is no oil in the oil cup .   3. Detergent, vinegar soaking method. After removing the surface of the impeller pumping soot, soak it in the detergent mixed with 3-50ml vinegar and warm water, soak 5 drops for 10-20 minutes, and then wipe a clean cloth. This solution is also used for houses and other parts. This method is not harmful to human skin, there is no corrosion on the equipment, and the clean surface still maintains the original luster.  4. For old grease stains, spray the grease cleaning fluid, and then wipe with newspaper or damp cloth.   5. Liquid soap surface coating method. The soap is made into the shape of a stick and then applied to the surface of the impeller and other devices. After a period of time in the exhaust hood, remove the impeller and other equipment, and wipe them with a cloth, the oil will fall off.   6. When it is hot, use a dry cloth to wipe the new oil stains. The tile stove is black and gray, and you can wipe it with half a lemon. In the above article, we saw six points, that is, the author of the fume hood introduced an analysis for cleaning the kitchen hood. Then this information is through the analysis of the above author, the correct method, whether it is to help clean up the kitchen hood , Master more friends? However, if we want to continue to learn more knowledge and information about it, remember to pay attention to our long-term? Previous: These problems should be paid attention to when using the kitchen electric rice cooker Next: Compared with the traditional open stove, what are the substantial advantages of commercial induction cookers?
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