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Popular Catering Equipment Given a Facelift by Lincat

by:Grace     2020-06-14
A leading manufacturer of business catering equipment has made improvements to the variety of a range of its popular products. Lincat has made improvements to the design of catering equipment in its Silverlink 600 range such as a number of electric fryers, pasta boilers and char grills. Over 13 fryers in the catering kitchen equipment range will be given an update so they are last longer and perform better. Delicious include models similar to the 3kW DF33 single tank fryer. Updates will also be made to two pasta boilers and two char grills, numerous analysts believe current price from this catering equipment stay unaffected by besides to the Silverlink 600 range. At present, all controls and switches can be bought at the front belonging to the kitchen equipment in an effort to ease convenience and increase safety as users do not have to stretch across a hot pasta boiler for instance to turn it off. However, in the new designs, the thermostat can be replaced in under ten mins which will prolong the lifespan for this equipment. This will replace the current hinging mechanism that allows users to gather heating element when cleaning it as an example. Nick McDonald, marketing director of Lincat Ltd is confident these changes in order to be welcome in many professional kitchens and catering venues.He said: 'If a thermostat needs to be replaced, the changes we've made to the design of the lifting mechanism will facilitate that course of action. Our products are produced to last and just have an enviable standing for providing many numerous faultless service.' It is now hoped that more chefs and hotel managers will value more highly to install this equipment that will extend the lifespan belonging to the kitchen and that may produce food from a better quality.
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