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Precautions for purchasing catering kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-19
The method of purchasing catering and kitchenware equipment can improve the efficiency of hotel equipment, reduce failures, and extend the service life of equipment. 1. Refrigeration equipment: do not use in high temperatureu003e 38 degrees. The compressor must be ventilated and heat dissipated. 80% of the items stored in the refrigerator must be the highest. The air-conditioning must be circulated. The refrigerator can be adjusted from 0 to 6 o'clock when the refrigerator is kept warm. , Heating equipment: steaming rice trucks and water boilers should always discharge dirt and scale, and keep the electric heating tube for the best heating effect and power saving effect; do not use underground water; when the heating equipment is off work, it is safe and energy-saving to turn off the power;   3. Equipment: Adjust the furnace fire to 80% blue and white, the thermal efficiency is the highest, and the combustion is the most complete. The main thing is to adjust the ratio of gas and air; in addition, the carbon deposits in the furnace must be removed frequently to save energy and money;   四, Food machinery: The power is large and small, do not use overload, multi-functional have different configurations, and need to be replaced; transmission system, belts should be adjusted tightly, gears and bearings should be lubricated with oil, etc. 5. In the installation and use of hotel equipment, first pay attention to safety: there are many equipment and electrical appliances. Liquids such as water or oil are strictly forbidden to invade electrical parts such as motors, switches, circuit boards, and numerical control to prevent short circuits; high-power motors and heating tubes , The wiring and switch configuration should be reliable, and a voltage stabilizer and a phase-deficiency protection device should be installed; when installing the liquefied gas stove, the medium pressure or high pressure valve should be used as little as possible. 6. When purchasing hotel equipment, you should choose the one with good quality and long warranty, but the price is not necessarily the most expensive. There are 5 different types of gas stoves. According to the type of gas used, there are three types: natural gas stoves, artificial gas stoves, and liquefied petroleum gas stoves. According to the material, there are cast iron stoves, stainless steel stoves, and enamel stoves. There are single-eye stoves, double-eye stoves, and multi-eye stoves. According to the ignition method, there are electric pulse ignition stoves, piezoelectric ceramic ignition stoves, etc.; according to the installation method, there are desktop stoves and embedded stoves. Previous: Foshan takes you to understand the scientific customization of commercial kitchens Next: How to design commercial kitchen equipment
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