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Professional kitchen equipment company should have the standard process of is what?

by:Grace     2020-10-29
Any enterprise needs to have a perfect process, process flow can come twice the result with half the effort for a company, and the kitchen equipment company is not exceptional also, a professional kitchen equipment company should have a standard process and professional team is indispensable. Catering kitchen equipment to learn a professional kitchen equipment company, should have the team, of course, each link of the process is a staff of individuals, the kitchen equipment company do a kitchen project, need team: the business team, design team, production team, installation team, after-sales team. Each team made up of the corresponding personnel independence, but also have the perfect cooperation between each other, ensure the smooth progress of the whole kitchen engineering and operations. Kitchen equipment installation of engineering, kitchen equipment engineering company standard process 1 of each professional team, business team: customer communication - — On-demand clients for on-the-spot investigation case - — According to the need to issue a list of project budget -- — Sign the contract - — The engineering quality supervision -- — Acceptance request - — Regular customer visit 2, design team: site - — Customer communication - — Layout design - — Customer/design institute of communication - — Equipment selection - — Customer communication - — Graphic drawing review -- - — Form a complete set of drawings design - — Design institute of communication -- - — A full set of drawing review 3, the production team: according to the chart order - — On-demand preparation - — Precision blanking - — Welding assembly - — Finely ground - — Strict quality control - — Packing the goods - — Outbound 4, installation team: according to the figure the step -- - — Communicate with other related professional kitchen - — Order drawings - — Order drawing review -- - — With the production team transition - — Air supply system installed - — Gas equipment installation - — Electrical appliances and other equipment installed - — Acceptance for 5, after-sales team: after-sales solution - — Equipment maintenance on a regular basis - — Timely processing service - — Regular customer visit three standard integrated process research, kitchen equipment company needs to issue the kitchen design drawings to the customer to health department for examination and approval, issued by the kitchen equipment and will form a complete set of water, electricity and figure drawing to customer and confirm the design drawings to the design institute, design institute to embed the drawing construction blueprint to contractor in accordance with the blueprint to decorate construction, kitchen equipment installation and putting to kitchen equipment commissioning, customer contact health check acceptance, issued by the hygiene licence and put into use. Above is our kitchen equipment engineering company before doing kitchen engineering construction, the construction of each link, after construction, the concrete process of a standard kitchen equipment company is should have this process, the each link of the docking is very important also, of course, only each link is ready, do every detail, to create a perfect project.
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