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Propane gas grills - How Many BTU do You Need?

by:Grace     2020-06-28
British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the traditional unit of energy. The heat value of fuels and also the heating power of bbq grills can be expressed in relation to of BTU. It is scheduled as the amount of warmth energy needed to improve temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at an endless pressure of 1 fresh air. The BTU enebles us to match the heat content many types of fuel. Whenever you shop on your gas grill and fall upon its BTU rating, be curious enough to understand which BTU the manufacturer is talking about. Discover if the BTU rating is for the primary burners or all the burners combined. If the grill do not feature a sear zone, then you've got to pay special care about the BTU rating involving the main burners (i.e. those burners directly under the main cooking grate in grill). If you add the BTU rating just about all the primary burners and divide it by the actual of the main cooking grate you'll get the BTU per square inch of main cooking position. For instance, if the primary burners of a propane gas grill have a BTU rating of 35,000 and spot of the main cooking grate is 500 inches, the grill will then have 35,000/500 = 70 BTU per square inch of main cooking setting. How many BTU anyone need? In the past, we've been advised appear for grills with about 100 BTU per sq . inch of main cooking segment. This rule no longer applies because modern gas grills are now becoming a more efficient at trapping heat. One thing really should know is that the temperature a gas grill can attain is not influence by the BTU rating alone. Another thing you should know reality a high BTU rating does not necessarily mean high temperature output. One major factor that influences the temperature your grill can reach is potential of the grill to retain the heat. Grills that are constructed from lightweight materials cannot hold the generated heat and same goes with require a higher BTU rating for them to realize a high enough temperature for grilling or searing. Good grills that can reach high maximum temperature are usually with heavy materials (heavy cooking grates) and their lid will close well. Due to improved efficiency, some modern gas grills can reach high temperature with a BTU rating as low as 80 BTU per sq . in . of main cooking area. Gas grills with low BTU rating burn less fuel than those with higher BTU rating. For instance let's calculate how much propane the primary gas burners will consume hourly. Propane has a BTU rating of;We know that propane has a BTU rating of) 15,000 BTUs per pound. Assuming that the primary burners of a gas grill are rated at 30,000 BTU, the formula for calculating the quantity fuel they'll consume on an hourly basis can be gotten by dividing the BTU rating of the primary burners by that of propane gas. Doing this will give us 2 pounds per hour. Similarly, a 45,000 BTU primary burners will consume 3 pounds of propane every hour. Therefore, the higher the BTU rating of a gas grill the more fuel it will partake of. But note that this calculation is made with the assumption that all at risk burners are set within maximum output (you turn the control knob all the way up). In order to obtain the very high temperature simply take searing steak, some bbq grills come with an additional cooking surface called the sear region. The sear region is where you can quickly sear your food before transfering them to your main cooking area to get rid of off the cooking. Finally, prick up your sense of curiosity a person come across a grill with a very high BTU per square inch of main cooking area (somewhere above 150). Is offering often an indication of the poorly constructed grill that cannot retain heat and they'll consume a lot of fuel.
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