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Reasonable use of refrigerators for kitchen equipment

by:Grace     2021-03-28
Everyone knows that if the equipment is used improperly, it will increase its failure rate and shorten its lifespan. Here is a brief introduction to the use of the freezer about the freezer:-Hoshizaki six-door freezer 1. Unpack the package before use. It must be clear to consumers, but in the first use, especially after the product or after a long period of inactivity, please run the cabinet empty for two hours, and unplug the power plug before moving the freezer. 4. When the freezer is in use, the motor and fan are working. Do not touch or block the rotation of the blades with your hands to avoid safety accidents and cause damage to the motor and affect refrigeration. 5. The normal use and working temperature range of the freezer is 16 degrees to 38 degrees. When the ambient temperature is higher than 43 degrees, the freezer can still be used, but the cooling effect cannot be guaranteed. When the ambient temperature is lower than 6 degrees, the freezer will hardly operate , Please don’t worry, this is not a malfunction. 6. The allowable deviation of the power supply voltage used by the freezer is up and down 10%. If the power supply in your area cannot meet this requirement, you need to equip your freezer with a regulated power supply. 7. Please put the hot video in the freezer after cooling down. 8. The food placed in the freezer should not directly touch the wall of the cabinet, and a distance of not less than 3 cm should be kept. A certain gap should also be reserved between the food and the food to facilitate the circulation of air-conditioning. -Hoshizaki four-door freezer 9. The amount of food put in the freezer at one time should not exceed 30% of the volume of the cabinet. 10. Do not put bottled or canned liquid food in the freezer. 11. Please store raw food and cooked food in separate compartments. 12. Please defrost the food in the freezer in advance. 13. The load-bearing capacity of the shelf is 36KG, please place it reasonably to avoid concentration of weight to one point. 14. Reduce the number of door openings and shorten the time that the door is open, so as not to affect the cooling effect-Hoshizaki Freezer Workbench 15. Do not hang heavy objects on the cabinet door to prevent the door from shifting or even deforming, causing the door to not be sealed and affecting cooling. 16. The freezer is equipped with a mechanical gravity return device, but after you access the video every time, you should still pay attention to whether the lower door is closed tightly to prevent the loss of air-conditioning. 17. The inner wall of the freezer is equipped with an evaporator. When the compressor is running, do not directly touch the inner wall with your body to avoid frostbite. 18. When the freezer is running, a tiny sound of running water can sometimes be heard in the cabinet. These are normal phenomena when the compressor is running. 19. The shelf has been installed in the cabinet. If you think the position is not suitable, you can adjust the position of the shelf. 20. The maintenance and treatment of the freezer must be carried out by professionals, and the maintenance of the circuit must be carried out by a professionally qualified electrician. After the maintenance is completed, the safety of the circuit must be checked when it is restored to use. Foshan Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in design consulting, production, installation, and maintenance services for commercial kitchen equipment. The company provides a one-stop commercial kitchen overall solution for chain restaurants, enterprises and institutions, school canteens, star hotels, etc. Previous: Freezer for catering equipment Next: Is commercial dishwasher worth buying?
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