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Restaurant kitchen equipment configuration table

by:Grace     2021-03-21
Restaurant kitchen equipment configuration table    The list of canteen kitchen equipment is usually customized according to the business direction of the operator. Due to the different service targets, such as the different internal equipment of the company canteen and the school canteen, the Guangdong canteen and the Gansu canteen are also different. Therefore, the canteen kitchen equipment configuration list is different.   However, the partition of the canteen kitchen will include functional areas, such as the staple food operation room, coarse/fine processing room, compartment and washing room. The author of the macro has prepared a list of kitchen equipment configuration in the staff canteen for your reference.   1. The main food operation room equipment configuration table of the canteen kitchen    is mainly used for cooking, boiling soup, stir-frying, etc. Equipment: double-head double-end stove, single-burner, double-burner, six-burner, three-door electric steamer, double-layer workbench, stove puzzle, double-opening cabinet, single star pool, four-door high-level refrigerator, with gas pipe The oil net cover, rice steaming cabinet, etc. 2. The second step. Restaurant kitchen restaurant equipment configuration table    is mainly used for catering.  The equipment used is: single-opening control cabinet, four-plate hot soup cabinet, hot soup cart, single star pool, mixing faucet, etc. three. The equipment configuration table of the rough processing room in the canteen kitchen is mainly used for the preliminary processing and cutting of meat, fruits and vegetables. The equipment used by    includes: soybean single-star pond, single-star basin, double-layer workbench, slicer, meat grinder, four-layer rack, etc.  4. The equipment configuration table of the canteen kitchen clean room    is mainly used for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen utensils.  The equipment used is: dishwasher water softener, high-pressure shower, air hood, residual food table, single star dirty plate table, cleaning table, washing faucet, high temperature disinfection cabinet, sideboard, etc.   In addition, there are also kitchen equipment such as flatbed trucks, dining trucks, boilers, boiler water filters, seasoning trucks, and disabled vehicles.  Of course, the attractive equipment is the necessary equipment for the canteen kitchen, but the rest of the best design and configuration is through a professional kitchen design company. Macro is a member of the kitchen. It has the company's design, production and installation, and must be able to meet all the requirements of kitchen equipment. Previous post: Do you know the kitchenware configuration principle and equipment list of the canteen? Next:  The correct maintenance steps of room equipment
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