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Teach you how to choose a set of high quality commercial kitchen equipment stove?

by:Grace     2020-11-13
As a businessman, in the face of a variety of commercial kitchen equipment stainless steel furnace has a little get confused, how to choose a economic and energy saving kitchen ovens to use? As a visual Angle small make up from professional kitchen equipment manufacturer to tell you. 1. The burner furnace head refers to the burner stove, usually iron or steel. Furnace head from the appearance it is hard to see how good or bad, the simplest method is to make the business ignition you personally look at the blue flame represents burning more fully, the more the better the performance of course. If you can do the test, at the same time to burn a pot of water, can first boiling stoves nature better, and the more concentrated the heat in the middle of the pot, the better. 2. The furnace hearth is good or bad determines the oven heat insulation and heat dissipation effect, with pieces of brick up into, also have the whole brick or made of cast iron. Can be observed from the work details, generally work more detailed, natural quality is better, but still have some time to have a say. Have better stoves of furnace process, will be greatly extended service life, repair rate will be greatly reduced. Difference of the three months to repair, can good use for 10 years. 3. The hardware fittings with WenGuo stove generally fitted with fire can swing faucets, valves, the chain control valve, air blower, etc. Such as chefs use hand frying spoon can control water switches, the chef bring convenient at the same time, because a lot of beating, it has become the most easily damaged in the kitchen. Hardware fittings quality is critical, otherwise it is difficult to control quality and often maintain the fire cause trouble. 4. See structure unreasonable stove furnace heat noise cases often open soon furnace experience fever, noisy, not only the heat loss is serious, high energy consumption, also seriously affect the working environment. High quality cooking range should be less than 70 db noise, furnace face and positive sealing plate is not hot, not deformation, drainage smooth, open easily.
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