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Ten know kitchen lampblack purification

by:Grace     2020-11-07
The kitchen is air pollution serious place, main source is the cooking of the lampblack. Oil contains about 300 kinds of harmful substances, such as DNP, lung carcinogen containing nitrophenol, benzopyrene, a long inhale lampblack lesions in the human tissue, make people are more likely to get fat, soot can damage the body's immune system, will also lead to hair loss, and so on different level health hazard. The strength requirements of the state environmental protection department and catering industry overall governance of lampblack, is becoming more and more attention by more and more catering unit has been installed and the installation lampblack purification device. Here, small make up the lampblack governance problems often did, for your reference. 1, just installed in less than three days of lampblack purifier, shell did not dare to use hand to touch, touch is to get an electric shock, why? Is the lampblack purifier shell itself is charged? This is a small make up a few days ago received a user consultation, the answer is lampblack purifier shell is not charged. If you find your purifier shell have get an electric shock feeling, it is recommended that you change quickly, early to avoid safety accident. 2, our kitchen in residential building, have no place to install outdoor, indoor can be installed? Can, lampblack purifier has vertical and horizontal two kinds of structure, horizontal can be installed in the indoor, can save space in the kitchen. 3, what circumstance suitable low lampblack purifier? If catering kitchen is located in the residential area, and kitchen position in lower floors, can be installed in the exhaust pipe is shorter, exhaust space is limited, suggest installation low lampblack purifier, the appearance of the manufacturer will usually low lampblack purifier do to distinguish color and high altitude aircraft appearance. Second, the machine's internal structure, low level of lampblack purification unit module is more intensive, the purification efficiency is greater than the upper machine. Because the purification function differentiation, leading to low prices higher than upper lampblack purifier model of the purifier. 4, general lampblack purifier small restaurants need to install? Need to spend how many money? Xi 'an lampblack purifier need according to the store, selection, the amount of the number of open kitchen stoves and cooking every day to calculate discharge lampblack, usually a kitchen need to configure a 2000 minimum air volume of lampblack purifier, specific to the technology measure and proposal shall prevail. Lampblack purifier on the market is also different, the price of the same volume size specifications of the products, a hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan a have, do not recommend you choose too cheap purifier geared to save money, in the aspect of material, performance, safety, life can still worrying, especially by the environmental protection department examination unqualified and ordered to buy installation, or produce the problem such as leakage, combustion cause safety accidents, thed loss outweights the gain. 5, we have a small kitchen, with axial flow fan platoon lampblack, need not purifier can? Can't, axial flow fan can make the soot discharge, but no, purifying emissions is substandard, has pollution to the air, must install lampblack purifier. But not directly on the basis of axial flow fan with lampblack purifier, because the total pressure axial flow fan is around 80 - 200 pa, if front oil smoke purifier, increases wind resistance, cause lampblack not to go out. 6, our office is next door the kitchen unit, exhaust device too loud complaints were often, how to solve the noise problem? It is recommended that you use with the function of sound insulation noise reduction exhaust device, and the outlet with quieter. If the conditions have, you can also set up noise reduction room. 7, although installed exhaust device, but always not clean lampblack, often is lampblack diffuses in indoor air? It is recommended that you check whether the discharge smoke device is clean, whether to have adjustable air valve is not open, whether the equipment normal operation. If smoke exhaust device is in good condition, please related technical personnel to the investigation, the present situation and problems of kitchen exhaust analysis problem, puts forward corresponding solutions, it is necessary to modify and update the device cases. 8, under normal circumstances, how long does it take to smoke exhaust device cleaning maintenance? In general, every day need to cleaning device, every three months to conduct a thorough cleaning, the longest must not exceed 6 months, in case of smoke not free or lampblack purification effect is not good. 9, have their own clean lampblack purifier, is there a link between smoke exhaust effect and hood? Bring clean lampblack purifier manufacturers is some, you need to add detergent when cleaning, can often keep the machine clean, keep the smoke effect is good. Traditional hood to centralized collection, if you can replace the use of can work with lampblack twin twist specific mask, supporting the use of professional lampblack purifier and wind ark, exhaust effect is better. 9 countries have clear standards, lampblack purification device, how to choose a suitable supply service? State environmental protection department of lampblack purification plant is a professional requirements, qualified lampblack purification device management services in production, product testing, design, construction, installation, etc, are all the requirements of the standard, all must have the relevant qualification issued by the state, when buying, can ask the related formalities of qualified supplier. More problems, welcome to consulting mechanical kitchen lampblack governance system solution provider lampblack purification project cases
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