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The 11th Hong Kong Food Festival Offers a Fantastic

by:Grace     2020-06-08
Experience the latest trends and innovations within the industry with intentional and native food and great wines from all over the world. The fantastic culinary event at the 11th Hong Kong Food Festival incorporating 2nd International Wine Festival is the largest indoor food festival in Hong Kong. International and local gourmet foods in the world's finest wines offer all gourmet enthusiasts an amazing Christmas. With wide coverage from the media, and over thousand exhibitors shredding be exactly encounter that you would like this Christmas. The event incorporates the 2nd International Wine Festival which features premium wines from the cutting edge wineries. Is there a better time than Christmas in this magnificent event? The annual winter food festival offers exclusive deals for the variety of delicacies and wines. It is an international food festival with special showcases for different types of food, drinks and cuisines through the huge variety of Asian Food. Huge range of delectable treats will additionally be presented at biggest indoor festival belonging to the region. In addition, explore the Malaysian, Thai, Indian and Vietnamese food, which ingredients at the Southeast Asian area of the exhibition. This festival has been pointed as an one exhibition of the greatest interest for the public and the media. Along the delicacies there end up being live shows by artists, cooking demonstrations and of course tasting and shopping possibilities for great food products. For your drinking side, there an endless area of wines with testing sessions. Enjoy the wealth of Hong Kong produce like dried seafood, milk tea, fish ball, chicken pizza and dim sum along with dairy products, canned food and Christmas delicacies. Get a Taste of Korea with excellent food while kimchi, seaweed as well kinds of eating fish or crustaceans. A Japanese Chill Space will be featured at the festival with fresh fruits, New Year specialties, essentials and dried sea food. Just about be also a Well-Being region introducing healthy, organic and natural food, including snacks, sauces and beverages. The Deserts area includes premium chocolates, bakery, cakes candies and local soups. Try exotic meals such as Italian traditional pasta, Belgium's dark chocolates, Spanish ham, Korean delicacies and of course, the premium wines from the best wine makers all over world. Tableware and cooking equipment, international food, snacks and confectionery, cuisines and restaurants will all be presented during the festival as well as baby and children's food. The organizer using this festival is Hong Kong - Asia Exhibition Ltd. The 11th Hong Kong Food Festival end up being held between Sunday and Wednesday, on 25-28 December 2013, and will are held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center (HKCEC) IN Wan Chai. Another great benefit of this festival isn't an charge for the foreign visitors! There are the exact dates and opening hours: 25 December 12PM - 10PM, 26 December 10AM-9PM, 27 December 10AM-9PM and 28 December 10AM-7PM. Book an accommodation at a boutique hotel in Hong Kong to guarantee your participation at this culinary somewhere warm. It is recommended to locate a boutique hotel in Kowloon area to keep close to your event promote the arrival easy. This Festival is often a wonderful opportunity for the of Hong Kong luxury hotels guests to obtain to are familiar with the trends inside the food world while watching for work from home opportunities. If you already love the variety and wealth of food that Hong Kong has to offer, you will absolutely love this festival. This fascinating festival is probably the productive to spend Christmas serious amounts of enjoy gourmet foods from around the field of.
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