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The classification of kitchen equipment according to different functions

by:Grace     2021-03-18
Household cooking equipment: heating equipment occupies most of the kitchen area and is an important part of cooking. We can buy all kinds of gas stoves in the market, including double stoves, single stoves and so on. The whole gas or electric stove combination is an important kitchen household equipment for cooking food.     Cookware: Refers to the utensils used to prepare food placed in every corner of the kitchen. Pressure cooker, double heating stove, cooking main edible electricity? Magnetic oven, not sticky. There are also some measuring instruments, steamers, cold dishes bowls, etc. These little guys add bricks for you to complete your gourmet work. For example, frying pans and kitchen utensils, cooking utensils and kitchen utensils, brine pots and kitchen utensils, and cooking utensils for preparing pots of different sizes are also essential.     Foshan kitchen equipment household appliances: Without household appliances, the kitchen would be incomplete, such as induction cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, blenders, hot pots, rice cookers, etc.    Other kitchen equipment: Many of the most critical kitchen equipment include vegetable tanning machines, flour machines, special containers, and even storage tanks of various sizes. Although they have a single purpose, they greatly simplify the processing of some difficult-to-process ingredients. Previous: How to clean cooking equipment Next: The functions of various kitchen utensils are different, and the use of science is very important
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