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The development of the hotel kitchen equipment industry in the new era and new economy needs to get through 'thinking'

by:Grace     2021-03-28
Today's world has become a whole of economic information integration. Whether companies are willing to accept it or not, the development trend of the world will only become more and more open and more and more shared. Therefore, kitchen equipment manufacturers must not rest on their feet and must use new thinking To meet the changes, only in this way can we adapt to the ever-changing economic development background. The development of the hotel kitchen equipment industry in the new era and the new economy needs to get through the thinking. I. Iterative thinking The Internet has entered its heyday in China, and many Internet thinking models are subtly affecting the tradition. The development of the industry, iterative thinking is also listed here. Iterative thinking refers to that the market allows products to have shortcomings, but these loopholes are not allowed to exist all the time. Brands need to improve their products in continuous iteration. In short, it requires hotel kitchens. Equipment manufacturers continue to upgrade product versions. Second, the so-called emotionalization of emotional thinking is the audience's perception of the brand. For example, when it comes to De Beers, we can easily associate it with sweet and warm love; When you see KFC, you will immediately think of the friendly smile of Uncle Sanders and the meticulous service of KFC employees. In fact, these perceptible points are the specific manifestations of corporate emotional thinking. Similarly, commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers can also do the same. To infect the audience. For example, focus on the design of the store image and give it a unique brand temperament; or strengthen the service awareness of the shopping guide, so that customers can feel at home or a god-like experience; set up many experience stores, from the perspective of users. , So that they can experience and consume with peace of mind. Many of these details are actually conveying the brand’s humanistic care for consumers from an emotional perspective. Care will generate emotional interaction, and emotional interaction is an important factor in promoting purchase behavior. Third, cross-border thinking The current kitchenware industry products are homogenized seriously, the design lacks new ideas, and the brand marketing model is almost similar. Many problems make brands have to focus on price as the focus of competition, and during the reshuffle of the industry, price alone As competition is not enough, these uncompetitive brands will still be eliminated. Therefore, in order for companies to survive and rejuvenate, they also need to rely on innovation. However, it is not easy for the kitchenware industry to seek innovation, so some companies find other ways. Seek innovation through cross-border thinking. The so-called cross-border thinking refers to an innovative way of thinking that looks at problems and proposes solutions from multiple angles, multiple perspectives, and multiple fields. However, the market is ever-changing, and there is no innovative breakthrough, even if it is International brands like Nokia will also be eliminated by the market. Fourth, fans think that fans are the promoters of the brand, users are the maintainers of the brand, and brands without fans will definitely die. It is not difficult to find that most loyal fans are the most professional , The most enthusiastic and picky group, once they find a product with a high cost performance, they will not only become buyers of the brand, but also become very conscious salesmen, and even help the brand to promote it for free. Although traditional There are not many cases in the industry, but this is a trend, a trend driven by the Internet. Hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers also need to pay attention to the accumulation and cultivation of their own brand fans, whether it is WeChat, Weibo or other The forum community should develop a brand position, use viral marketing, and promote the brand for free, instead of doing a hammer sale as before. 5. There is no doubt that intuitive thinking, good-looking appearance can always attract the audience the first time Eyeballs are especially true in this era of looking at faces. In fact, it is not just people, but also products. Beautiful and fashionable high-end products are generally the favorites of the public. Therefore, hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers pay more attention to product appearance design. Use intuitive thinking to figure out how to immediately attract the user’s attention from the appearance. In addition, we must also pay attention to the development and design of the current social development trend. For example, the main consumer of the hotel supplies market is gradually turning to the post-80s and 90s. However, the post-80s and 90s groups tend to prefer fashionable and simple hotel supplies, so companies should focus on the research and development of these styles of products and firmly grasp the young market. In short, commercial kitchen equipment companies need everything to start from consumers. Seeking truth from facts, following consumer preferences and improving product quality can we gain a foothold in the future and achieve greater development in the market.
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