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The development trend of Chinese catering kitchen equipment customization

by:Grace     2021-03-17
Human eating habits have been developed over a long period of time, and human eating habits are gradually changing. From raw to cooked, from rough to delicate, from tasteless to salt, oil, sauce, vinegar and tea, everything from food appearance to health and nutrition. Human eating habits are advancing, and the styles of commercial kitchen equipment have become diversified, bringing a lot of convenience to mankind. The chefs who often work in commercial kitchens may have a deep experience. In the past, cutting potatoes required manual labor. Now, you can use machines instead of labor for deboning, peeling, shredding, and cutting. At the same time, the operation of the machine is more accurate than that of humans. The size of the ingredients is the same. Many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers have already begun to pay attention to ergonomics, with practicality as the core goal, formulating appropriate height, function, and operating rules to greatly reduce the labor intensity of kitchen staff. Commercial kitchen frying stoves are most frequently used in commercial kitchens. Frying stoves used to be separated from gas and electricity. Now commercial kitchen frying stove manufacturers have combined the advantages of gas stoves and electromagnetic stoves through a series of updates to create a “gas-electric stove”, and also add various types of barbecue stoves and electric stoves. Commercial kitchen equipment such as ovens and water boilers can meet the different needs of Chinese catering for kitchens. In recent years, Chinese catering kitchens have more and more requirements for kitchen equipment. Many commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers will tailor-made for customers and customize related products according to actual needs. The original mass production model has fallen behind the times. What is needed now is humanized customization, according to the needs of customers, to make corresponding adjustments. Today's Chinese-style catering kitchens are equipped with electric dual-purpose frying stoves, engineered refrigerators, commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation systems, all kinds of peeling machines, and deboning machines. Manufacturers and enterprises that can provide customized special services can grab more markets. Therefore, the development trend of the Chinese-style catering and kitchen equipment customization industry will become more and more hot. When choosing commercial kitchen equipment, it is necessary to consider environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency. At the same time, commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers can customize it according to the actual size of the project site; the appearance of commercial kitchen equipment is generous, beautiful, and the surface Welding parts are handled in a complete way and the material is relatively high; after-sales service is perfect, commercial kitchen equipment has been in a state of wear and tear, problems are inevitable, merchants should deal with it in time, with the ultimate goal of'saving customers' time and improving their product performance and quality' . The above is all the content shared by the author. For more content, please pay attention to the WeChat public account, or call for consultation: 8930 6885/. Next: Kitchen appliances maintenance methods and techniques Previous: How important is the overall kitchen smoke extraction project?
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