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The performance of commercial stove is introduced

by:Grace     2021-01-21
Energy saving technology for commercial stoves outstanding performance is embodied in several aspects: 1, high efficiency, energy saving, high-power kitchen better than the same cooking equipment, it can be achieved in a very short period of time the high temperature of 300 ℃, continuous high power and can work long hours. 2, kitchen surfaces using imported shott microcrystalline glass, is under hot and cold temperature change and high temperature of 700 ℃. The thermal shock, high strength, surface smooth and easy to clean. 3, patented technology of control system, and imported accessories. Quality, safety and more assured. 4, sensitive fire control switch can make the operator by intuition can very good cooking the required accurate temperature control. 5, humanized design, sliding type fire control switch and intelligent digital display, then the corresponding power sliding gear will switch to adjust firepower in the intelligent digital display shows. 6, comprehensive dynamic monitoring, automatic fault alarm and intelligent display. 7, all stainless steel structure design, clean sanitation conforms to food safety, and durable. For more information, please baidu: commercial stove, gas type, gas type price, gas furnace manufacturer in guangdong kitchen industry co. , LTD. Welcome you the presence! Print this paper join collection back to an article on the top to close the window: the stability of the gas furnace to the next: understand commercial stove glass-ceramic
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